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Speaker: Jonathan Griffiths, Lead Pastor
Date: Sunday, September 17, 2017
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Bolivia Medical Missions Trip 2013

I was very fortunate to be a member of The MET's 2013 Bolivia missions trip. The goal of this trip was to bring medical help to the people in the jungle of Bolivia, while sharing God’s love. Our team from The MET, mostly nurses and science students, met up with a Bolivian missionary and his team on a boat that would be our home for the next 10 days.

This trip was an absolutely amazing experience. It was amazing to see God at work. One way God was working was by uniting our team which consisted of Bolivians and Canadians. There was a definite language barrier. While we had a few people that could speak both Spanish and English, for the most part we were pretty limited in our communication.  Even though there were language and cultural barriers, our team bonded and worked together extremely well. God was definitely was involved in that!

What I really liked about the Bolivia trip was that we were able to help the Bolivian people – while telling them about Jesus. There was so much medical and spiritual need in the villages we visited. They didn’t have the medications we take for granted and they didn’t have easy access to churches or Christian teaching in many cases. I was thankful that we could help them with their health. But, even more importantly, many of the village people, especially children, accepted Christ as their Saviour. We will see these people again in heaven!

Through this trip, God personally showed me a few things. He showed me how He takes care of us by keeping our team safe and getting us home. In Bolivia some of our plans fell apart and our team was even separated for one day. We also ran into some tough situations trying to leave the jungle because of the rocky political situation. But through everything, God was with us and let me know that we didn’t have to worry. I knew we were in good Hands and that He was taking care of us. And He did just that.

This trip also reminded me of the many countries who need to hear about Christ. While it is important to be missionaries in our own countries, there is also a large population outside North America that hasn’t had the same opportunities to hear about Christ. Also, we take so many things in Canada for granted. We live in such comfort while there are so many people who are struggling to have their basic needs met.

Our Bolivia trip was an experience that I will never forget. Our team had so many new experiences, we got to medically treat a lot of people and we got the chance to share Christ’s love. This trip brought our team together, forming lasting friendships, while also making new brothers and sisters in Christ. God worked in me through this trip and showed me more about Himself. I am so thankful for everyone who supported our team and extremely thankful that God allowed all of us to have this amazing experience.

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