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Speaker: Jonathan Griffiths, Lead Pastor
Date: Sunday, September 17, 2017
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Word of Life, Peru 2013

Franklin (16) 

I was not born in a Christian family but my parents enrolled me in a church program that helps needy children. The people there helped me very much, but shortly thereafter my mother left our home and my father became ill. They argued quite often and were physically violent.  I started to work in the streets, windshields at traffic lights. I hated my mom for having abandoned us and I sought refuge in the alcohol and drugs. I got involved also in the Punk movement but nothing filled the emptiness of my heart. The people at that church told me about Word of Life (WOL) Camp and I decided to come. Here I heard the Gospel and thanks to my counsellor I received Christ as my Saviour. God changed my life and now I love my parents!  I heard about the DTC (Discipleship Training Candidate) but I didn’t have the money to come. A WOL missionary called me and told me that I had a full scholarship to come free. Now I am here at WOL studying the Bible and growing in my faith. I am praying for my family, that the Lord would use me to preach the Gospel to them.

Ángel (16)

I was born in Imperial, Cañete and I´m the younger of two boys. My mom died of pneumonia when I was 4, so my brother and I were raised by my dad. When I was 6 I was invited to play PlayStation and since then I became a slave of video games. When I was 7 I went for the first time to a Christian church and there I received Christ as my Saviour, but still I went to the internet and wasted my life there. I remember my dad used to give me money to put in the offering at the church, but instead of going to the church I used to go to the internet cabin and waste all the money. I also used to steel money from my dad and run away from my house for a whole week without eating at all. Then, when I was starving, I returned home. The first time I went to the WOL camp was in 2008. After camp I was fine for one week, but then I went again to the internet and wasted my time and my money. When I was 13 my dad died of a heart attack and my brother and I went to live with an uncle. By then I quit attending the church. I had lost all my hope and didn’t find a purpose for living. 

It was this past summer, in January 2013, that I went to the WOL camp for one week and then I decided to stay for the rest of the summer as a volunteer working as a dishwasher. In that week of camp my counsellor told me that I was not alone, that God wanted to be my Father, like Psalm 27:10 says: “When my father and my mother forsake me, Then the LORD will take care of me.” There I understood that God loved me and had a plan for me. It was on January 31, at the campfire night, that I decided to dedicate my life to the Lord and live according to His will. At camp I heard about the Discipleship Training Candidate (DTC) Program but I didn’t have the money to come. When the summer was over, I returned home but then came again to the camp to help with other groups. It was there that a WOL missionary told me that I had a scholarship to come free to the DTC. Wow, that was beyond my expectations! I am now a student at the DTC and God is working in my life in a great way. I am helping at the WOL Bible Club ministry in my local church and I´m even discipling a new believer, whose name is Adriano, that has the same problem I had. I am very happy to learn about God and help others to know the Lord! Thanks to all who made possible for me to be here!

Indira (18)

I started to attend the church with my mom when I was 10. Church was a good thing for me, but it wasn’t something very important in my life. When I was 14 and 15 I walked away from church because it had too many rules that I didn’t like. My mom always was praying and crying for me, asking God to change my life. When I was 16, I was invited to come to a WOL camp. I agreed to go because I knew that there were games, swimming pool and many sports. I decided to come and my mom gave me the permission. On the second day that week my counsellor talked with me and her testimony impacted my life. It was on February 10, 2011 that I accepted Christ as my personal Saviour. That night God touched my heart with His Word; I had an inexplicable joy and I gave my life to the Lord. 

After that camp, I started to walk far from God, going to the things of the world. I came again to the WOL camp on the summer of 2012 and there I gave again my life to Jesus. That summer I was impacted by the testimony of Alejandro who was a young man who lived for God and God took him to heaven. I made a covenant with God to serve Him with all my heart and all my life. I received the information about the Discipleship Training Candidate (DTC) Program but I was not able to go that year. This past summer I came again to the camp and I felt that every preaching God was talking to me. I took the decision to attend to the DTC Program. I talked with my parents but the problem was the money. I started to work to get some money but I didn’t get enough so I started to get discouraged. The first week of April I called a WOL missionary and told him my situation. Then he called me back and told me that there was a scholarship for me so I didn’t have to pay anything to come. I cried that day and thanked God for this blessing! That week I left everything and came to the DTC. In these three months that I have been here, I learned a lot of things that I never heard before. I learned to have my quiet time every morning and grow in my relationship with the Lord. Thanks to all who helped me to come to this beautiful place and know more about God!

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